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Shackbox The tool box for Ham Radio Operators New Release CR 0.1.5!


I am pleased to tell you that a new release of the Shackbox project is available to download.

Shackbox is a livecd for hamradio operator or radio scanner users, that offer +150 softwares related to radio.

Download the iso,burn the dvd,put it in your computer,reboot and you are done 🙂

Download Link:

There is no install on your computer,but if you want,you can install it for permanent use!

Tutorial available here:

Shackbox is free, made by a ham operator, for ham operators.

What s inside Shackbox? All you need for:

  • Control rigs
  • Control scanners
  • Design antenna
  • Design pcb etc etc

Lots of screenshots available here:

With Shackbox,MAC users can finally use the famous software Ham Radio Deluxe

Shackbox is an open project, if you want to participate,you are more than welcome, and in the time,the project can be only better 🙂

What s new in this version?

  • Faster
  • More complete
  • Nicer

If you encounter some bugs in this release,please report it in the forum available here:

We are all hoping that you will find Shackbox usefull 🙂

73 !

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