Latest Shackbox version available for download 32 & 64 b support

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Shackbox carbon edition final release stable version

shackbox carbon

shackbox carbon

Carbon Edition
Shackbox stable release announce
Shackbox is the most complete
live DVD solution
for Hamradio Operators,
and it s absolutly free!

New Release Feature:
12 Native languages support:
English, french, german, italian,
3D Desktop
More software added

DOWNLOAD your copy of shackbox HERE
Download the iso and burn it
(tutorials available on the website
At login:
Type for a test shackbox as username, if you get shqckbox,change your settings
via the language menu above the loggin box.
Username: herve
Password: shackbox
No Uppercase
3D desktop

The 3d desktop effect is not active by default,because it need to have the drivers of your grafic card.
For enable it:
systeme /preference/appearance then clic on extra
Your internet connection needs to be active before enable it!
Customization of your desktop:
If your computer is a bit weak, click on the yellow square icone in the top menu for enable/disable 3d effect
More infos:

Gps & Bluetooth support
All mode decoding
Download the pdf file of the announce:

6 Responses so far.

  1. lee wossum dit :

    Gentlemen: Have tried the disk and it will not setup proprly for my key board. Have several Linux distos running just fine. Us English
    from the drop down menu selection and restart, still uses q for a, by swapping them i can get the live CD to come up. Any help would be nice. The programs do look interesting, for my self front end is to dark, thats my preference only.

    Thanks Lee (N5TDK)

  2. lee wossum dit :

    No Sir it doesn’t fix the problem and cant get log in to work on laptop, with shackbox and shackbox. Pretty strange to me sir.

  3. lee wossum dit :

    OK i have tried to register and have no email to follow, tried to re register and it said my email is already registered whats up with this?? I don’t know whats up!

  4. Bryan Feagin dit :

    Same thing happened for me. Changing the language options to ‘English (USA)’ doesn’t hold for some reason. I actually had to manually delete the ‘French Alternative’ keyboard layout from System/Preferences/Keyboard to get it to hold across entire system.

  5. ct1dov dit :

    This might help

    I did all I was told to do and when I got to the password bit …….no password would work.
    After taking a « closer look » at the « keyboard problem » I tried to insert the password 123456789 using the numeric pad and with the numlock key on and …….. it works. Key off ….. and funny things happen.
    No more need to change language or alter keyborad preferences. At least it worked here on this side. I´m having fun.
    Keep going Herve, doing a great job.

    CT1DOV – John

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