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shackbox air release

Shackbox air release:

what s new in it?

  • no 3d desktop by default wich is 30% ram saved
  • Nvidia grafic card driver bug fixed for windows appz
  • Remote control of shackbox using freenx client (for win and mac)
  • Possibility to stream your rig over internet using icecast and the ubuntu
  • studio suite
  • Major improvement of the software collection for antenna design
  • Update of hrd and it s suite
  • update of the linux version (9.04)
  • much stable
  • much faster

just better 🙂


Login: herve

Password: 123456789

Go to download links here for proceed to download

Use the forum if needed

2 Responses so far.

  1. Kevin Fraser dit :

    Hello Herve

    I am very interested in Shackbox but am having trouble downloading the entire iso. After numerous attempts, I still get broken downloads. There is also confusion as to which is the latest version – Shackbox Air or Carbon. No dates could be found to establish which version is the one to download.

    Is there any way one can get Shackbox supplied on disc? I am prepared to pay the costs incurred to have the disc shipped to South Afica.

    Thanks for all your work done to get Shackbox to the Linux community.


    Kevin Fraser

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