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What system is running Shackbox?

Shackbox is based on the linux system called Ubuntu.

More informations about Ubuntu here:

En version francaise:

At boot it ask me a login and password, what are they?

Username: herve

Password: 123456789

root password: 123456789

Is Shackbox free?

Shackbox is free, but support is part of a yearly membership fee for have access to it, cause it takes me a lot of time, and cost me an eye in hosting.

So the 10$ / y providing support (only for the shackbox core part not what s related to ubuntu) is not much at all.

Can i install Shackbox permanently?

Yes when the dvd boot,type install instead of live,or use the shortcut « install » in /home/herve »

Yea yea you say « most complete tool box for Ham operators,but what s in it?

Well so far,yes it s the most complete distribution,you will find in your DVD everything for:

  • Design and calculate and modeling antenna
  • Control rigs
  • Trunk scanner ressources
  • Oscilloscope
  • All the tools for design your own PCB
  • Sound capture and editors

Enough for keep you busy at home 🙂

Are all the software installed present in the menu?

The answer is No, they are so many,and lots of them have to be launched with the terminal comand (little black square in the top menu)


Do i need a super computer for run Shackbox?

Well because Shackbox get stored in your ram, the more you have the better it is,so the better your computer is, the better it will work

2gb ram is recomanded specially if you play with the windows based software integrated in Shackbox.

Where can i found some tutorials for learning how to use Shackbox?

I ll put some here, and use the ubuntu website (links on the top of this article) for all the learning concerning more linux than Shackbox

Can i put a direct link for download Shackbox on my website?

The answer is No,just for the reason to have quite correct stats of downloads.

When is an update of Shackbox released?

Pretty much every months.


Is it possible to propose software to add to Shackbox?

The answer is YES, use the contact for for propose your suggestions

Softwares have to be Freeware only.

Can i participate for improve the Shackbox project?

YESSSSSSSSSSSS feel free to contact me using the forum

faq about shackbox the most complete and advanced linux for hamradios