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how fix internet error in the last shackbox premium version

For the people that didn t knew how hopeless i can be, let me tell you this beautifull mistake i ve put in the readme file concerning internet setting on the desktop… I ve written name server that won t work, surely you knew it s should be: nameserver Please do the correction, […]

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Shackbox premium core upgrade ubuntu 12.10

Shackbox premium beta is based on 12.04 lts, but because of the migration from 10.* branch there are some bugs (install on hard drive via ubiquity) that freeze and other issues. Iam trying to upgrade the core of the beta to 12.10 for see if it ll fix these probs. i ll let you know

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Bugs and issues

<   Some bug reports are coming to my mail reporting issues concerning install on hard drive not possible. This is a bug due to ubiquity, the only way untill next release to fix it is to run this command from terminal: sudo apt-get remove ubiquity sudo apt-get install ubiquity also it seems that the […]

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Bugtracker installed

  Hi folks, because shackbox seems to be the last real linux distro for us, i would like it to last, but overall , to be as much as possible, adapted to our needs. That s why, i ve setup a bugtracker, and i invite you to use it as often as possible for help […]

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