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Icom Radio Manager

Icom radio manager added to next release

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BCSIcom added

BCSDIcom radio control soft added in next release.

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Freescann added

Freescan software added Also supports the BC-246T, BCT-15

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ICR2 added

IC-R2 added in the next release

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AOR programing softwares added

AR8200/AR8200MkII/AR8600 Workshop ARD-2 display software AR8200/AR8200MkII/AR8600 Workshop ARD-2 display software aR5 control software AOR Schedule for AR7030/5000/3030/3000A more infos here clash of clans cheat for android

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ScannerRecorder added

Scanner recorder has been added for the next release More Info : Новости крыма

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LTR Analyzer 1.0 added

Ltr analyzer 1.0 added. Just in time for Christmas, LTR Analyzer 1.0. – decodes LTR datastreams via sound card – determines LCNs for each system channel – low CPU usage – comes with a 700 line user manual / LTR tutorial More infos HERE

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VOACAP added

Voacap added in next release

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ACARSD added

Acarsd has been added to the next release beta 0.1.5

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